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Member Exits


AmeriCorps Member Exits Slide Deck
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Overview & Requirements

The eGrants/MyAmeriCorps portal is the mechanism used to officially exit an AmeriCorps member from a term of service. As the official completion date on record, the member exit dictates when a member’s service ends, impacting both in-service (living allowance, FICA, etc.) and post-service (education award) benefits. 

Member Exit Requirements


These grant requirements reflect the types of member exits and expectations for when and how to exit members.


Member Exit Guide
Reference this slide deck with screenshots and step-by-step instructions for exiting AmeriCorps members.

Member Exit Checklist
Use this checklist to ensure all steps have been considered and completed for the member exit.

Unlocking the Exit Form

All AmeriCorps members should complete the exit form in My AmeriCorps prior to exiting service. In order to do so, programs will need to unlock the Exit Form for each individual member in eGrants.  

How to unlock the Member Exit Form

Once the exit form is unlocked, the member will have access to a link on the home page in My AmeriCorps to complete their portion of the exit form.

Exiting in eGrants

Official member exits are recorded in the eGrants system. The exit form captures the completion date and total number of hours served and will therefore signal to the Trust whether the member should receive their full education award, a portion of it, or none at all.

How to exit a member in eGrants

Once the exit form is unlocked, the member will have access to a link on the home page in My AmeriCorps to complete their portion of the exit form.


My AmeriCorps: AmeriCorps State Program Member Management
Reference this AmeriCorps slide deck for guidance on how to manage members in eGrants. Reviews member search, change term of service requests, suspensions, transfers, and exits.

Types of Member Exits

Most members are exited on their agreed upon exit date as stated in their Member Service Agreement (MSA). There are various reasons a member may terminate service before the agreed upon end date and/or before accruing the minimum hours required to receive the Segal Education Award as outlined in 45 CFR § 2522.230.

Successful Completion

Member completed the length of their term and serves at least the minimum number of hours for their slot type

Compelling Personal Circumstance (CPC) Exit

Member terminates service early for circumstances beyond the member’s control, as determined by the program. The member may be eligible for a partial education award.

Cause Exit

Member terminates service early for ANY reason other than CPC. The member will not be eligible to receive a partial education award.

This video discusses the differences between an early exit for cause versus an early exit for a compelling personal circumstance.


Member Exit Flow Chart: CPC vs Cause and Refill Slots
Use this diagram to determine the appropriate type of member exit and assess if a position can be refilled.

Documenting Member Exits

Before exiting a member in eGrants, the program will need to collect and retain important documentation. An end-of-term evaluation and completed and approved timesheets are required for all members, even those who exit early. These document the total number of hours served as well as whether or not the member completed the term satisfactorily. Any member being exited for a Compelling Personal Circumstance will also require additional documentation to support how the program came to that decision.

Required Member Exit Documentation


Member Performance Evaluation Template
Adapt this template and use it to document performance evaluation for each member exiting your program.

Exiting Best Practices

This video outlines best practices for exiting members including member file audits, communication with members, and  how to run Member Roster Reports in eGrants to ensure all members are exited on time.