AmeriCorps Texas
Member Slot Conversions

Overview & Requirements

Member slot conversions are a program management tool that allows programs to make use of a slot that is unfilled or make use of an unfilled refill slot that is created when someone exits a term early. These conversions can help ensure that programs are using resources to the best of their abilities in serving their communities. Programs choose to convert slots for a number of reasons, including:

Things to Consider

Document Requirements


Grantees have the ability to convert slots awarded in their original grant, provided that the change in slots does NOT increase the total Member Service Years (MSYs) in the Notice of Grant Award or the aggregate value of the education award.

Determining the Slot Conversion Request

Determine an acceptable slot conversion configuration by:


Slot Conversion Calculator
Enter various configurations of member slot types in this interactive spreadsheet to determine if your allocation remains within the MSYs awarded to your program.

Validating a slot conversion configuration in eGrants

Responding to validation messages in eGrants

Upon submitting your new allocation, eGrants will display one of the following validation messages.


My AmeriCorps National Program Management
Use the step-by-step instructions in this slide deck produced by the federal AmeriCorps agency to enter slot conversions in eGrants.

Submitting a Slot Conversion Request

Once you have determined an acceptable slot configuration, your next step is to submit your slot conversion to OneStar for approval. Approval time frames may vary, but expect up to two weeks to complete a slot conversion request. Make sure to notify your OneStar Program Officer and Grants Officer and discuss your proposed changes before submitting an official request, which can help expedite the approval process.

Determining the Refill Slot Conversion Request

Refill slots are slots that are available once a member has exited a position before completing 30% of their term, provided that the member who is exited is not eligible for and does not receive a prorated education award. 

Converting refill slots can be an important practice to consider in managing an AmeriCorps program. These conversions can help ensure that the program is using slots that become available during the program year to the best of their abilities in continuing to meet community needs.


Member Exit Flowchart: CPC vs Cause and Refill Slots
Reference this diagram after a member exit to assess if the slot can be refilled.

Although programs may use either the slot conversion calculator or eGrants to determine a standard slot conversion, the determination for refill slots should be made directly in eGrants to ensure the program is using current data on any available unfilled refill slots.

Viewing available refill slots

Validating a refill slot conversion configuration in eGrants

Submitting a Refill Slot Conversion Request

Within the AmeriCorps Texas Grantee Portal, programs can submit a refill slot conversion request using the Slot Conversion Amendment. There are a few differences to note between submitting a refill slot conversion request and submitting a regular slot conversion request. Review the video below to learn more about the differences. Once approved, programs can make the refill slot conversion in eGrants.