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National Service Criminal History Checks


AmeriCorps National Service Criminal History Check Slide Deck
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Overview & Requirements

National Service Criminal History Checks (NSCHCs) are a screening procedure established by law intended to protect the beneficiaries of AmeriCorps programs. NSCHCs are one of the most important programmatic compliance components of AmeriCorps and all programs must develop robust policies and procedures for ensuring compliant member and required staff checks.

National Service Criminal History Check Requirements

- National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW)

- State of Service (Texas)

- State of Residence (if applying from outside of Texas)

- FBI fingerprint checks

A candidate is INELIGIBLE to serve in AmeriCorps Texas if they:


National Service Criminal History Check eCourse in Litmos
Retain the eCourse certificate of completion and assign staff to retake the course annually. To request a new Litmos account, email


These grant requirements outline the NSCHC requirements and guidance around what checks are required, which individuals are required to comply, and when checks must be completed.

Creating NSCHC Vendor Accounts

To begin the National Service Criminal History Check process, all AmeriCorps Texas programs must create accounts in Truescreen and Fieldprint and have the accounts mapped to OneStar for monitoring purposes. 

The Truescreen system is used to check:

The Fieldprint system is used to run:

Both systems document: 


Setting Up NSCHC Vendor Accounts
Provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up your online account with Truescreen and Fieldprint.

Truescreen Checks

Running and adjudicating checks within the Truescreen system is critical to ensuring member/staff eligibility, protecting beneficiary populations, and maintaining programmatic compliance. Programs will run NSOPW as well as State of Service (Texas) and State of Residence (if applicable) checks through this vendor.

How to run a compliant Truescreen check


Truescreen AmeriCorps | CNCS 2.0 Portal Transition Guide
Provides comprehensive guidance on navigating the Truescreen portal, including detailed descriptions and definitions for each menu, field, and link.

NFF/Truescreen Waiver Table
Lists the required checks for each state if you have applicants from outside of Texas. AmeriCorps will update this resource on a rolling basis.

Adequate Truescreen documentation includes the following:


Truescreen Adjudication Page Sample
Shows the fields that are displayed when adjudicating an individual in Truescreen.

Truescreen Summary Page Sample
Shows the fields that are displayed on the summary page for a Truescreen case.

Fieldprint Checks

Running and adjudicating checks within the Fieldprint system is critical to ensuring member/staff eligibility, protecting beneficiary populations, and maintaining programmatic compliance. Programs will run FBI fingerprint-based checks through this vendor.

How to run a compliant Fieldprint check

If result is Not Cleared, allow individual to review and dispute the decision.If a Not Cleared status is returned, additional steps will be required for both the applicant and the program.


Challenging a Not Cleared Recommendation
Follow these procedures and guidance provided by the federal AmeriCorps agency for challenging a Not Cleared recommendation for individual applicants. 

Fieldprint Not Cleared Memo
Complete this memo and insert in the applicant file to document the determination made on an applicant who has received a Not Cleared status in Fieldprint.

Adjudicated Fieldprint results serve as adequate Fieldprint documentation. The Fieldprint Order Information page must include the following:

-  Evidence the program used in making eligibility determination
- Contemporaneously dated memo to the file documenting the determination of the individual’s eligibility


Adjudicated Fieldprint Documentation Sample
Shows the fields that need to be completed on the Fieldprint Order Information Form page.

OneStar Resources

NSCHC Verification Form

OneStar created a required NSCHC Verification Form, designed to serve as a checklist for program staff and to reduce incidents of noncompliance. A new verification form should be completed for each member for each unique service term; staff only need one NSCHC Verification Form for the time they are on the grant. The NSCHC Verification Form serves to document the following:


NSCHC Verification Form
Complete this required form for each member to track and officially document NSCHCs requirements.

NSCHC Policy & Procedures Checklist 

OneStar also created an NSCHC Policy & Procedures Checklist, intended to support new programs in establishing, documenting, and following procedures that ensure NSCHC compliance. This video also covers some best practices.


NSCHC Policy & Procedures Checklist
Evaluate the compliance of your policy & procedure using this checklist to ensure it contains the essential components. 

NSCHC Under 18 Memo
Members under the age of 18 at the time they start service are not required to have NSCHCs. Use this memo to keep in the member file documenting the lack of NSCHC.

NSCHC Noncompliance and Disallowances

NSCHC noncompliance is a common finding during Member and NSCHC File Review. It can have significant financial implications, particularly if systemic issues are identified. Your OneStar Program and Grants Officers will work with you to determine the scope of noncompliance and any disallowed costs associated with the noncompliant checks.

Most Common Noncompliance Issues

Auditing NSCHCs

Programs must have strong policies and procedures in place to correctly run and adjudicate checks and document completion. Programs should be conducting routine audits of NSCHCs for staff and members. OneStar monitors staff and member NSCHCs as part of File Review and NSCHCs are also subject to auditing by AmeriCorps monitoring officials and the Office of Inspector General (OIG). This video includes a walk-through of how best to audit NSCHCs and common issues to review during your audit.

Best Practices for Auditing NSCHCs


NSCHC Review Tool
Use this responsive spreadsheet to audit the NSCHC files of your AmeriCorps members and staff. OneStar uses this review tool to monitor for compliance.