AmeriCorps Texas
Program Success Guide


This Program Success Guide provides on-demand training to AmeriCorps Texas staff to operate compliant, healthy national service programs.

How to use this guide

Each page of the Program Success Guide contains robust information about an essential AmeriCorps program topic. Use the site menu or the links below to view available topics, and click on one to learn more.

We present training material in various formats to accommodate diverse learning styles, so you can choose how you want to read, watch, listen, and/or interact with the content. If you need additional support, contact your OneStar Program Officer or Grants Officer.

Get oriented. Use the bookmark links at the top of each page to jump to specific content of interest. Alternatively, you may also scroll through the page as presented for a comprehensive overview of the material.

Download resources. Look out for the blue banners containing downloadable tools and templates that you can adapt for your program.

Reference grant requirements. Follow the links in the gray banners to view the original source legislation and grant terms & conditions upon which we base our guidance.

Program Topics

New pages are added on a rolling basis, so check back again soon! Let your OneStar Program Officer or Grants Officer know what topics you would like us to prioritize next.