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AmeriCorps Member Timesheet Slide Deck
View and follow along with all slides from our Member Timesheet trainings.

Overview & Requirements

Strong systems for member timekeeping ensure that member eligibility for in-service and post-service benefits (including the education award) is thoroughly documented.  It is important for programs to develop timekeeping systems that work for their program design, as well as robust policies and procedures for ensuring compliant member timekeeping.

Member Timesheet Requirements

Other Timesheet Must-Haves


These regulations reflect the importance of being able to categorize member service as training, fundraising, and service as well as ensuring that member service hours do not exceed the percentage caps allowed for these aspects of service.

Creating a Policy & Procedure for Member Timesheets

All programs must have a written member timekeeping policy and procedure by their second program year.

Best Practices

Electronic Timesheets

Electronic timesheets are a noted best practice for their ability to reduce errors in member service descriptions/categories, hours calculations, and revisions. They must include these features:


Member Timekeeping Policy & Procedure Template
Customize this sample member timekeeping policy and procedure to fit your program's particular systems.

Member & Site Supervisor Timesheet Training

Training members and site supervisors on the requirements of member timekeeping and the program’s policy and procedure for timesheet entry, review, approval, and auditing is essential to ensure compliance.

Member Timesheet Training: Tips & Best Practices

Site Supervisor Timesheet Training: Tips & Best Practices 

Are times correctly recorded as AM or PM?
Are member service hours accurate?
Have members provided written service descriptions? Are they accurate?
Are calculations accurate? 


Member Training Certification
Review the training topics that must be covered with your members and confirm delivery dates and methods. Programs are required to submit this certification during Pre-Award Risk Assessment.

Best Practices for Member Timesheets

Auditing Member Timesheets

Programs must have strong and accurate processes in place to capture actual time served by members. Programs should be conducting routine audits of member timesheets. It is recommended that a staff member that is not the member supervisor approving timesheets conduct an internal audit of member timesheets at least twice a year, including prior to exiting the member from service to ensure total hours are accurate. 

OneStar monitors member timesheets as part of Member and NSCHC File Review. Member timesheets are subject to monitoring by AmeriCorps monitoring officials and the Office of Inspector General (OIG). If a program suspects fraudulent activity related to member timesheets, they should notify OneStar and the OIG immediately.

This video includes a walk through of how best to audit member timesheets and common issues to review during your audit.


Timesheet Review Tool
Adapt this spreadsheet to audit your members' timesheets to ensure compliance with key requirements. OneStar uses this tool during our Member and NSCHC File Review monitoring activity.

Member Timesheet Example
Use this sample as a benchmark or model for structuring your own member timesheets.